Toy Blast

An addictive and enjoyable strategic matching game for all ages

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    Online games

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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    9.0 (1)

Toy Blast is a color matching game available on the PC.

Color matching games are an industry unto themselves. There are hundreds of games out there where you match two or three colors together to get rid of rows, earning points or lives or destroying the enemy along the way. These games aren't complicated, but they provide quick rewards and allow you to feel accomplished when a puzzle is over. Toy Blast is yet another one of these games, with lovely mechanics and a great design that will keep you playing for days. There's nothing here that reinvents the wheel, but there doesn't need to be. This is a game that simply works.

Unfortunately, quite a bit of the joy that can be found in this game is gated behind purchases. The minor annoyance is that it takes far too long for your lives to regenerate. Once you're done with your initial stock of lives, you might as well put the game away for the rest of the day. The bigger issue is that power-ups become increasingly necessary to win later in the game. Power-ups require spending real money, so you'll almost certainly have to pay quite a bit for this free game if you want to win.

Toy Blast is a good game that is hampered by free to play mechanics. You will have fun with it at first, but don't expect to get away from this game without paying a few dollars to progress. As with most games of the type, the amount of fun you will have will be directly related to how much you enjoy paying for games that are supposed to be free.


  • ddictive game play
  • Very simple controls


  • In-app purchases are almost mandatory
  • Very long wait times between lives

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